Above above (Por encima de por encima)

Project: Short film

Production: Morwen Productions

Date: 2017

ABOVE ABOVE is an online audiovisual project from Morwen Productions which mission is to draw attention to people that has suffer a stroke and demonstrate how they are perfectly able to accomplish a lot of meaningful and useful tasks tan can improve both their lives and the society.

In Facebook and Youtube you can follow tiny bits of the process of creation of 'above', and accompany Mayte HolguĂ­n, actress from the Vallekas quarter of Madrid, through the shooting of 'above'. Mayte suffered an stroke in 2009 and 'above' is her very first audiovisual project since then.

The ischemic stroke occurs as a result of an obstruction within a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain that can happen for any reason and to people of any age. This project aims to raise awareness about this problem and to offer a ray of hope to the people affected by ischemic stroke and their relatives.