The Legend Of The King

Project: Short film

Production: Morwen Productions, EFEYL and AM Estudios

Date: 2011

In the legendary world of Kendoria, evil armies march toward conquest powered by dark necromantic arts. Sir Térakon, Knight of Alcias Castle, has abandoned and betrayed his people in the face of the imminent attack. Powerless and confused, the villagers raise in arms against the invaders with the only aid of a few weapons and the courage to defend what they love.

The Legend of the King narrates this uprising through the eyes of Delias, the smith, and Arnos, the drunkard.

More than three years of work and hundreds of collaborators were necessary to bring this gigantic project, Morwen's first grand project, to a good end. Shot almost entirely at Consuegra's Castle (Toledo, Spain), it features actress Pilar Bardem as the Great Necromancer and the voice of Claudio Rodríguez, Sean Connery's dubbing actor in Spain.

The Legend of the King has become the most ambitious short film in Europe.