Project: Illustrated storybook

Production: María José Rodríguez and Morwen Productions

Date: 2015

Galgui -literally, 'little grayhound', in spanish- is an illustrated story based on real events. It is the story of an abandoned dog, rescued by the little child Diego and his parents, who protect and shelter the dog while look for a family for him. When Diego and Galgui look each other for the first time, a link so powerful is created that, from that very moment, they will try to do whatever they can to incorporate Galgui as a member of their own family.

In the story there are a lot of characters that doesn't feel that connection, that never had the chance to love an animal so hard. Diego can't understand such behaviour because he consider Galgui his equal. That's the leitmotif of Galgui: having any child to consider any dog or living being -including humans- as an equal. So he respects his life, dignity and well beign.

Galgui will be edited on luxury edition, 170 gr. matt coated papers, binding hardcover with UVI varnish, 17 x 22,5 cm, 48 full-color pages with plenty of hope and tenderness. It's a luxury edition because the story of Galgui or whichever other animal deserves so.

Author is María José Rodríguez, wich wrote Galgui after her own real experience sheltering an abandoned greyhound in her own shelter house for animals. Illustrations are made by Andrés Arcos.

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