Waiting for tomorrow

Project: Documentary

Production: Jeanne Nouchi, Nakita Lahmeiras and Morwen Productions

Date: 2014

"Esperando a MaƱana" ("Waiting for Tomorrow") is a documentary narrating the daily life of a number of people in 2011's Cuba. Shot in Summer 2011 by French filmmakers Jeanne Nouchi and Nakita Lameiras, postproduction was carried out entirely by Morwen.

Putting aside all ideological questions raised by Castro's political regime, this documentary is devoted to La Habana's human dimension. In Cuba's capital all cultural, social and economical complexity of the island converges, and it is through its inhabitants that this richness speaks out. They share with us their wealths, their difficulties, their dreams, their rebellions, all of which exchanges surpass stereotypes and ghosts usually witnessed by daily news.