Project: Illustrated storybook

Production: María José Rodríguez and Clara Luna

Date: 2011

Chiquitina gets home from school quite angry, why is she so bad at certain tasks? The little one will learn to love herself, and her parents and friends will teach her that the will to learn and, above all, to have people around loving you and willing to help you on this exciting adventure, is most important of all.

Chiquitina is a children's storybook aimed at 4- to 8-year-olds. Text has been written by María José Rodríguez (Morwen Productions) and illustrations made by Clara Luna, on hardcover, luxury edition, 200 grams paper, 30 full-colour pages.

The authors have opted for self-production and distribution through the web, without intermediaries and with the possibility to collaborate with several animal protecting societies.