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About us

Morwen Productions S.L. is a Spanish creative, audiovisual company specialising in cinematography, documentaries and video-gaming.

Our leitmotiv is: Creative entertaining. Creativity with the Morwen signature.

Founded in 2004, Madrid, Spain by film director Pablo Medina, our aim is to maximise your potential whilst maintaining quality service to our clients. We possess a strong innovative spirit together with well-founded professional guidance. This is the true nature of Morwen.

Our team consists of producers, technicians, creative designers and artists from a broad and diverse background. Each new project benefits from a collaborative approach, merging ideas and enhancing the professional ‘buzz’ amongst our resident specialists. Our personalized approach, together with a professional and thorough working practice means that we achieve the best results possible.

The authenticity of Morwen can transform your ideas into something both distinctive and memorable.

We want to voice your ideas.

If you want to know more about our work and projects, feel free to continue your visit. We hope you enjoy our website.


Do you have a project but no idea on how to carry it out? Or maybe you know but the means are out of scope?

Morwen offers all this to you:

Production: Short films, films, documentaries, 3D animation, videogames, advertising.

Image: Photography, photomontage, illustration

Sound: Dubbing, audiobooks, sound recordings.

Design: Websites, graphic design, news design

Publishing: Screenplays, textbooks, publishings, board games.

Videogames: Development, design, storyboard.


    An ambitious action short film been accomplished with the collaboration of Pilar Bardem and a huge team of collaborators.

    The legend of the king

    Waiting for tomorrow is a documentary that narrates the daily routine of a diverse group of people in 2011's Cuba.

    Waiting for tomorrow

    Above is a short film starred by Mayte Holguín, whom character, Isa, has to overcome a certain number of adverse circumstances relating her health and her loved ones.


    Chiquitina is a children's storybook aimed at 4- to 8-year-olds. Text has been written by María José Rodríguez (Morwen Productions) and illustrations made by Clara Luna


    Galgui is an illustrated storybook about an abandoned dog and the family that rescue and shelter him. Text has been written by María José Rodríguez (Morwen Productions) and illustrations made by Andrés Arcos.


    Above above is a documentary about the process of shooting our short film 'above'

    Above above


In Morwen we like to share all we now about the audiovisual and entertaiment industry and we will constantly share with you all the news we hear.

Visit our youtube channel to see interviews, events presentations and cool media content.


At a friend's meeting a delicate issue has just been dealt with, plunging them into a low mood. One of the guests speaks out:

–If only things were as in the movies.

Another one looks at him with surprise and replies:

–¡That depends on the movie!, 'cause some of them...

–I'm talking about true films, the classical, where no matter how big the monster or terrible the dangers were, in the end friends together did always win.

–¡Right! Like in Willow, The Dark Crystal, Star Wars, The Princess Bride...

–It just made you look at things differently.

In Morwen we want our creations to feature in such conversations twenty years from now. To achieve this we will find our way to the true essence that made these films unforgettable: to leave a positive an evoking mark on each person contemplating the masterwork.


Bring back the excitement all of us felt as a child as we went to the movies for the first time.

Reach out to audience's thrill and implication.

Offer the unusual and bring it about with passion.

Adapt each project to the client and his/her needs.

Learn, since life is constant learning.

Inspire people to consider and wish for a better world.


» Enthusiasm. We will inject enthusiasm into every single Morwen project to make them innovative and unique, so they become proud members of the Morwen family.

» Diligence. We want to do our best, constantly working with our client shoulder to shoulder, in the best conditions.

» All-terrain.We don't have a comfort zone, we are not scared and we can cope with it. Bring us your idea and exploit our skills.

» Harmony. We are loyal to our personal values and we channel these through Morwen.

» Compromise. Night is darkest just before sunrise. In Morwen we will die for leaving a positive trace in the world that can serve as an inspiration for a universal code of conduct.

» Trascendence. We want to make things that urge people to reflect on and have wishes to build a better world.

» Magic. The total is never the sum of its parts; in a project where the wills of a whole group team up there's always a surplus that exceeds what was originally planned, a surplus being a mix of pride for the work created and tender care for what was experienced. That's what we call magic.